Celebrating the people who transformed their lives with the help of Natalie's nutrition and lifestyle advice.

Helping people achieve their health goals runs through the core of Natalie's services. Taking an educational approach, this ensures you gain the 'why' behind the recommended changes as well as the 'how' to implement new lifestyle habits. 

“I've been very impressed with Natalie's knowledge and her extensive analysis of my dietary habits. Within a few sessions she was able to determine key areas which i could focus and improve on.


I have since followed her advice and i'm already seeing and feeling the benefits.”

/// M. Fawzy

"Transformative would be a good description. My blood sugar is down from 60 to 40 which is in the normal range down from borderline diabetic, I've lost 7 kilos and my blood pressure is improving to the extent that I have my medication reduced to one tablet."


"Natalie kindly worked with me for a period of roughly 6 weeks. During that time I gained a great deal of knowledge around what constitutes ‘good’ nutrition and Natalie dispelled much of the confusing advice that I had been given or read about in the past. I learnt what I should be eating to support my individual requirements and how I could make it sustainable by minor recipe changes.  Natalie understands the real world and the temptations that offers so is very understanding in her approach. Natalie is extremely supportive and flexible and definitely knows her stuff! I highly recommend the programme Natalie offers – it was an eye opener!


"Natalie listened to the issues with my 'diet' and created a plan that is not only healthy but more importantly for me, sustainable. I now eat all of the right foods, never feel hungry and have lost around 7 pounds without even trying. The plan is structured around my training so I'm getting the right nutrition at the right time on the right day. Natalie is accessible, very knowledgeable about current trends and supportive.

If you are looking to make a real change, I highly recommend her services."

///M Twynham

All of these people
improved their health and so can you

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