Top 5 Fertile Friendly Foods

If there was one piece of advice, I could give anyone trying for a baby, it would be to include the following top 5 fertile friendly foods into your diet. Eating the most nutritious foods not only helps improve symptoms of PCOS and the regulating of your monthly cycle, but they also ensure you are giving your body the nourishment it needs to support the maturation of healthy eggs, a process that takes around 3 months prior to ovulation.

Here are my top 5 Fertile Friendly Foods:

Eggs – It sounds likes a cliché, but eggs really are one of the most highly nutritious foods in our diets. Look for free-range or organic UK Eggs and you will reap the benefits of these protein, vitamin and mineral powerhouses. I’ve even heard them being called

Natures Multi-Vitamin’.

Berries – All berries available in supermarkets and local food markets contain an excellent level of antioxidants, they are anti-inflammatory, and they are a low sugar fruit which will help keep your insulin low (something essential especially if you are struggling with insulin resistant PCOS). So, when you are craving something sweet, reach for berries to fill that gap. Frozen berries are an excellent option but do make sure they only contain berries and are not mixed with hidden high sugar fruits such as grapes and bananas.

Broccoli – One of the most underrated green vegetables. Forget soggy, bland school dinners broccoli and embrace the versatility and flavour of this highly nutritious vegetable. Containing more vitamin C per 100g than in oranges, this super vegetable is a staple in our home.

Salmon – Bursting with omega -3 fatty acids, salmon is an oily fish that provides not only protein and fat, but it is also a high source of omega 3 fatty acid. This essential fatty acid is exactly what it says it is – ‘essential’. Meaning that our bodies don’t produce these fats so we need to eat enough in our diets. Wild salmon is your best bet for nutrition and sustainability and its versatility provides the perfect breakfast (smoked salmon), lunch (tinned salmon salad) and evening meal (salmon fillet) options.

Olive Oil / Coconut Oil / Butter - This is a bonus three fertile friendly foods in one. Swap out inflammatory, highly processed vegetables oils such as (rapeseed oil/sunflower oil/vegetable oil) for anti-inflammatory, oils such as (olive oil/coconut oil/butter). Extra Virgin Olive Oil is great for dressings and Olive oil is great for high heat cooking such as roasting or frying. Don’t be afraid of cooking with and having fat in your diet.

I wish I had found this information when I was trying to conceive and if like me, you want to know more about how you can tailor your diet to maximise your chances of a healthy pregnancy – download my FREE Fertile Friendly Food Shopping Guide.

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