New Year New Period

I’m making it my mission to provide a community helping women just like you to regain confidence in your period! Are you currently unsure if you are ovulating, do you have irregular periods, or are tired of tracking BBT and LH – let’s make 2022 the year you are going to truly master the most important feature of women’s health – your period.

Without stating the obvious, your period is also the biggest indicator of your fertile health. Too long, too short, no ovulation or you’re unsure when your next period is going to start, let's analyse! I can take away the stress of wondering when you’re going to start your next period and reassure you on your fertile window. For the month of January, I am offering personalised guidance to help you achieve a regular period and regular ovulation. I will help pinpoint your fertile days and you will get clear on your signs of ovulation.

This personalised support is for you if you crave:

1. Control over your Fertility

2. Confidence in your Period

3. Clarity of your Fertile Window

So, if you are trying to conceive, struggling with PCOS or if you simply want to know what’s going on with YOUR cycle, this could be what you are looking for. As a special new year solution, why not book a virtual Period Analysis with me where we will spend 1 hour looking over your most recent monthly cycles for only £49. Bring along your monthly tracking app, your previous monthly charts and whether you track everything, or nothing let me analyse what’s going on. I’ll give you feedback on your cycle and introduce you to my 3-step method for balancing your period.

Are you ready to make a change…….?

Book your Period Analysis today – click here to book!

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