How to Enjoy Christmas whilst Trying to Conceive

Trying to conceive is all-consuming at the best of times not to mention the added food temptations and social gatherings that Christmas brings. I hear you, I was you and now I want to support you in being able to find balance in enjoying the festivities without feeling guilty.

Remember Christmas comes every year

Without sounding too much like a Scrooge (I genuinely really love the joy and connecting with family that Christmas brings) but health wise, if we’re not careful, Christmas can turn into a time of highly processed foods, laden with added sugar and cheap vegetable oils. We’ve all been subtly led into forgetting that ‘real foods’ even exist at this time of the year. Do I sound like a Scrooge?? I hope not, I just want as many people as possible to not get drawn into all the fancy looking foods that are sickly sweet, full of inflammatory oils, shaped into a bauble and then covered in more sugar, you get the point. Christmas doesn’t have to be a time of eating until you can no longer move off the sofa. Does anyone actually enjoy that feeling of total overindulgence? I know I don’t and when trying to conceive you want to feel your absolute best and in the best fertile health to support your chances of conceiving.

What you can do for this Christmas and for Christmas that comes every year, is find what gives you enjoyment, satisfaction, and the ability to stop eating when enough is enough. The easiest way to avoid temptation is not to buy it in the first place. Even at social gatherings where the food being offered is out of your control, politely decline or offer to provide some food for the gathering which you know is from the ‘Fertile Friendly Shopping List’, then you can enjoy the most nutritious foods and feel part of the party.

Saying No to alcohol

I remember the anxiety, when trying to conceive, and the feeling of having to explain why I wasn’t drinking alcohol this year. I know on one hand it isn’t anyone’s business but let’s face it, if you normally enjoy a glass or two and this year you’ve decided you’re off the booze you can stand out like a sore thumb. Here are a few tips to survive the festive drinks conversation:

1. Get used to being the ‘driver’. If it’s a family occasion, then maybe less questions will be asked anyway. If it’s a close friend gathering then maybe this is a good time to let a few friends into your TTC journey….Either way, find an answer that you are comfortable with and your prepared to give (if asked).

2. Don’t replace alcoholic drinks with sugar sweetened ‘mocktails’. Mocktails contain a large amount of sugar, avoid at all costs. Copious amounts of fruit juice are added to mocktails so go for something a lot lighter like sparkling water with fresh lemon/lime. This is going to be the best choice for. Again, come to peace with this and try not to feel deprived, you have a bigger goal and Christmas will come around again next year.

3. Actually, have a drink! I debated about putting this in or not but I’m all about still enjoying life when TTC (I know t hats easier said than done). So long as you can stop at a small glass or two. I believe that having the odd glass of wine here or there is NOT going to ruin your chances of conceiving. It can even bring balance and normality back to your life (if having a glass or two is normal for you). This isn’t the green light to start drinking if it’s not normally part of your lifestyle. What you must weigh up is, will you feel guilty if you have a glass of wine on a couple of occasions or is it better for your mindset to politely decline? The answer is you shouldn’t feel guilty, but I know all too well that that is easier said than done. Only you can answer that, but I know you will find peace in the decisions you make.

Fertile Friendly Foods at Christmas

It is totally possible that your diet can still consist of the top fertile friendly foods at Christmas. A traditional Christmas dinner can be a very nourishing meal, good quality meat, loads of brightly coloured vegetables, the odd roast potato (see, I’m not a complete scrooge), pigs in blankets. A home cooked turkey curry on boxing day with lentils, spinach, chopped tomatoes – a really nourishing meal. Just hold off on the carb-laden sides and you’ll be fine.

Also, don't skip breakfast, lot’s of the lovely ladies who have been through my Living a Fertile Lifestyle programme know that breakfast doesn’t have to be a regular part of your day and there are loads of benefits to a 14 hour fast when trying to manage blood sugar levels, PCOS and trying to conceive. However, it is really important on a day like Christmas day to take the opportunity to keep blood sugar levels stable and not wait until the big Christmas meal. We can get drawn into too many sugary, chocolate temptations throughout the morning so having a high protein breakfast can keep your energy levels steady and help you make better food decisions throughout the day. Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon are always a luxurious go to for Christmas morning.

Make your Dream a Reality

So, for Christmas this year, keep your goal in mind. Enjoy the festivities, the socialising (finally!) and seek out the nourishing ‘real-food’ that is still there it just gets hidden amongst all the sugar.

I wish I had found this information when I was trying to conceive and if like me, you want to know more about how I can tailor your diet to transform your fertile health and regain confidence in your monthly cycle – book a free 30 minute Intro Call with me. No pressure, I promise.

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