Have yourself a very nourishing Christmas

Breaking the habit of Christmas ‘food’ shopping:

Walk into your local supermarket over the coming weeks and you will be bombarded down every aisle with Christmas ‘food’. Whether that be in the form of biscuits, chocolates or flavoured nuts laden with sugar, emulsifiers and other nasties sourced from multiple parts of the world and produced by giant food manufactures. The packaging gives you a lovely sense of “this is what I’m meant to eat at Christmas”. Remember these foods are designed to be highly addictive that’s why you crave them and it’s easy to find excuses to have just one more.

You could spend your money on this instead:

Instead, why not spend your money on some of the amazing local British produce we have available in this country such as; British cheeses, local grass fed and ethically raised meats and seasonal British vegetables? These foods nourish your body and brain, they fill you up quicker so you don’t feel the need to overeat, not to mention they also reduce sugar cravings and they support local high quality farming and animal welfare.

How about doing it differently this year, take a break from all of the high sugar, ultra-processed nutritionally void ‘treats’?

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