Why I’m raising money for a charity you’ve probably never heard of

I know what it’s like, a friend is training for an event and they ask you for sponsorship, you want to support your friend and they are raising money for a worthwhile charity, normally a charity that you have an emotional tie to for one reason or another. It’s a worthy few quid to support your friend and you know your money is going to a great cause.

So, this year I decided to enter and run the Milton Keynes Winter Half Marathon and for the first time ever raise some money for charity. I wrote a description of my challenge and gave an overview of the charity; Public Health Collaboration (PHC) that I am running for. I am an ambassador for the PHC which is a voluntary role aiming to raise awareness of the charity and its core health principles. I set up a ‘Total Giving’ page, then sat back and waited for the sponsorship to come flooding in. I have quickly learnt that people don’t easily part with their hard earned cash for a cause they have never heard of so I’m hoping this blog with help…

What is the Public Health Collaboration (PHC)?

PHC is a charity dedicated to informing and implementing health decisions for better public health.

Why PHC?

In the UK 25% of adults are obese, the highest prevalence in Europe and type 2 diabetes has risen to 65% in the past 10 years, both costing the NHS £16 billion a year.

How do PHC work?

The PHC publish evidence-based reports on the most pressing health issues alongside coordinated campaigns and initiatives for improving public health.

Fundamentally PHC is working to re-educate health professionals by challenging government dietary advice, highlighting biased research sponsored by food industry and creating positive media health headlines so we can make better food choices. PHC also helps educate people to make better food choices through education to recognise the foods that make you feel good, making food choices that are closest to how nature intended them to be and choosing foods that are nutritionally dense and nourish our bodies.

We live in an obesogenic environment, highly processed foods are designed to be addictive, food marketing sways us with all the tricks of the trade and we soon realise we have developed eating habits that are negatively affecting our health. Initiatives such a taxation can make a small difference but to make real change people need to be educated and supported to make informed food choices. This must start with medical professionals and the public having access to high quality, transparent research and initiatives that help us fall back in love with real food.

To learn more, I urge you spend 5 minutes having a read, watch and listen at www.phcuk.org

For more information on my challenge and to donate a few quid, click the link below. Thanks!



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