My 'Eureka' Moment!

My eureka moment was when I realised if we keep carbs low and fat high, just like our bodies have evolved to function on, we can reach our natural body weight and have the energy and mental clarity to thrive in life.

I gradually found ways to eliminate processed carbs from my diet and I eliminated all sweets and sugary treats (apart from 85% dark chocolate). I started using only full fat products and anti-inflammatory oils such extra-virgin olive oil and I cook with butter and coconut oil.

I’ve lost weight without a grueling exercise plan, although I really enjoy exercise I now fit activity into my busy lifestyle rather than “having” to exercise to get into that calorie deficit. Ringing any bells yet? The feeling of guilt if I haven’t burnt off any calories has gone, I’ve found my natural body weight which doesn’t take any conscious control to maintain. Sounds too good to be true.

Creating a new way of eating led me to a state of health where I have no sugar cravings, I don’t get ‘hangry’, my mood swings have disappeared, and I have lost fat in places I could never shift when counting calories and exercising hard. Not just a coincidence.

I can guide and support you on your journey to find your natural body weight and improve your energy levels to succeed and thrive in life.

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