Dear Friend - Hormones & Weight gain

Dear Friend,

Have you ever considered what’s stopping you from losing unwanted weight, it might not be the lack of exercise or too much on your plate.

The answer lies in insulin, a very clever hormone, our bodies built in mechanism for storing the carbohydrate; glucose. But what has this got to do with weight loss, I can hear you asking. Well, each time you eat some carbohydrate this hormone will be working. Not only does this hormone store glucose in our cells, it also keeps our fat stores locked away, can you see how this wouldn’t help?!

One of mother nature’s little “gifts” to stop us all from starving, when food was scarce and in short supply and hunting wasn’t working. So, in this present day I think it’s fair to say, food is cheap and plentiful therefore, we need to keep Insulin at bay.


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