Have you been trying to get pregnant for some time?

  • Have you seen multiple doctors and are tired of not getting effective answers?

  • Maybe you are future planning and want to overhaul your diet and lifestyle to increase your chances of falling pregnant?

  • Or are you suffering with PCOS, unexplained fertility or experiencing recurrent miscarriages?

  • You know there must be other answers, but you don’t know where to turn next


       I have been where you currently are, lost, frustrated,

      almost giving up hope on having a child.

Fortunately with my ‘Living a Fertile Lifestyle’ overhaul,

you will discover that it doesn’t have to be this way and

you can gain control over your fertile health.


By joining my 6 module 1:1 programme, you will find the

answers to all these questions and more.

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Using nutrient and hormone testing, educational sessions and on-going support, I will guide you through your bespoke programme that will cover key areas of fertile health, such as:

1. Become the master of your Monthly Cycle
2. Understand the most Fertile Friendly food.
3. Cleanse your Environment from Toxins
4. Find Inner Balance and Strength


I have learnt that changing eating and lifestyle behaviours takes time and support, I also know that to get the best results each client needs their own bespoke solution that provides individualised advice to improve their chances of conceiving and having a baby that they truly desire.

If you have begun your Trying To Conceive (TTC) journey, struggling to find the right advice for conditions such as Polysistic Ovarian Syndrome or planning ahead to get yourself in the best health for increasing your changes of a healthy pregnancy then get in touch and find out how I can support you in your personal challenges.