I am a nutritionist and fertility specialist, helping couples conceive. By removing the stress and struggle of conceiving, women are empowered to be in control of their fertility with a personalised hormone, dietary and lifestyle programme
The importance of good nutrition is imperative during your fertility journey. We will explore how diet can improve your egg quality, create a healthy environment to support a growing embryo and balance your hormones to manage or prevent hormone related conditions affecting fertility such as PCOS.

Founded in 2013 NC Nutritional Consultancy is dedicated to equipping clients with the knowledge, skills and motivation to take control of their dietary choices and giving them the best chance to start a family of their very own.

We have learnt that changing eating behaviours takes time and support, we also know that to get the best results each client needs their own bespoke plan that provides individualised goals and guidance.

Finding the foods that work for your body and brain can have profound effects on your life, from moving away from carbohydrate dependency to fine-tuning your brain to give you absolute clarity or improving your sports performance.

We provide a range of services ranging from 1-2-1 Consultation and Coaching, Business Consultation and Educational Workshops. As ‘Public Health Collaboration’ Ambassadors, we also work with medical professionals to help inform and implement healthy decisions for better public health.


Could you be healthier and more energised?

Be in control of your fertility

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